Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions

Manufacturing Efficiency provides make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and engineer-to-order manufacturers with a more efficient and effective manufacturing process through Sage 100 ERP's Work Order Module. 

(Formally ACS Manufacturing Automation)

With increased automation and pre-set options, Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency Solutions will help minimize user entry and maximize workflow.

- Work Order Dashboard

- Work Center Dashboard

- Outside Processing

- Make-To-Order

- Auto Generate Purchase Orders from Inventory

Streamline W/O creation by auto-generating work orders and subassemblies directly from Sales Orders in batch or by S/O line. View build availability directly from S/O Entry. Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency provides automation tools for streamlining W/O entry and processing with automation options for finishing and closing work orders.

Partnering with WOScan, wireless handheld devices capture WO transaction data on the shop floor in real time, without the need for computer workstations. It prompts for and collects all of the same data you can enter through Work Order Transaction Entry, in a clean, intuitive handheld interface.

Features Include:

- Purchase Orders from Inventory

- Purchase Orders from Work Orders

- Scheduling

- Warehouse Management with Multi-Bin

- Shop Floor Automation & RF Scanning with WOSCAN

Scanco Manufacturing Efficiency is designed to help Make-to-Order manufacturers streamline the work order creation process. There are two options available for building Work Orders directly from Sage 100 Sales Orders.

The Generate Work Orders from Sales Orders utility provides a method for generating work orders en masse for multiple Sales Orders. The system knows which Sales Orders to build Work Orders from and does not duplicate builds. Sub-assembly orders can also be auto-generated.


When Orders are generated automatically, users can opt to have builds for multiple orders consolidated by item. Auto-Generated Orders are entered with a released status and are ready for immediate action.


Displays FG and Indented BoM Components with Quantity on Hand, Quantity Available, Quantity Required and Quantity Short. Will also display On PO detail and On WO detail with delivery dates and quantities.


- Discrete Work Order selection in Pick Sheet and Traveler printing

- Close Work Order when performing a completion

- Track "On Work Order" and "Required for Work Order" quantities separately

- Provides for Work Order number in Inventory Transaction History instead of the transaction journal number

- Option for "Components not available" warning when entering work orders

- Auto-Generate Material Issue and Labor transactions

- Auto Close features prompt user to close a Work Order during Completion transactions

- Auto-Finish uses a standard set of options to complete the Operation and Scheduling Tabs


The system provides for leveled Finished Good Unit Cost assignment and posting when partial "Manual" Material Issues and Labor are performed for FIFO, LIFO and Lot/Serial Valuation Types. The system can use the Item's Standard Cost or a calculation based on the budgeted build costs.

Completion transactions will display the calculated Tiered Cost Completion Method Cost, extension and variance. They will post to the GL inventory account with the new leveled unit cost. Variances will post to the manufacturing variance adjustment account.


Runs on wireless, handheld data collection devices, capturing work order transaction data on the shop floor in real time, without the need for computer workstations. Prompts for and collects all of the same data you can enter in Work Order Transaction Entry, in a clean, intuitive handheld interface.


Native integration with the Scanco Warehouse Management app allows for the allocation of inventory and distribution of bin locations in Work Order Entry or the auto-allocation of inventory from bins in the Pick Sheets. Allocations are automatically transferred from Material Issue Transactions as well.

Are You Ready to Achieve Manufacturing Efficiency? 

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